Akilex Backpack Fabric Knowledge

- Nov 22, 2019-

    Today, with the development of society, in addition to clothes and shoes in life, the closest thing to us is the package. The most indispensable thing to go to work, travel, outing, hiking, camping is the bag. Big baggage items, small, mirrors, wallets, laptops, whether they are living or working, seem to need a practical bag to carry our lives.


    The manufacturer's description of the quality of backpack fabrics is often described by “how many D”, but do you know what this means?

    Many people think that the "D" in the backpack material is representative of density or weight. This is all wrong. D is an abbreviation for denier. Denier is the unit of measurement for fibers. The calculation method is: 1 gram of weight per 9,000 meters long is called Denier. Therefore, the smaller the number in front of D, the thinner the line and the smaller the density.

    In the custom of the backpack, the commonly used materials are 300D and 600D. If the material of the tool kit is relatively high, the fabrics with higher deniers are generally used, such as 1000D or 1680D, the larger the D number, The greater the thickness of the fabric, the better the wear and scratch resistance. For example, 210D material, the texture is particularly thin, generally used as the lining of the bag or the compartment. The 900D or 1000D has a thick grainline and a thick line, which is very wear-resistant and is generally used as a bottom.

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