Basketball characteristics

- Jan 13, 2018-

Confrontation: Basketball duration can be long or short, but requires participants to run quickly, suddenly and continuous take-off, agile reaction and power to contend.

● Collectivity: Basketball not only requires the athlete's technical and tactical abilities, but also the wisdom, courage, volition, vitality and creativity displayed during the competition. Athletes must also have the spirit of courage and tenacity and unity and cooperation.

● Spectator: In basketball, you can enjoy skilled dribbling, clever passing, accurate shooting, clever steals, wonderful dunk and surprisingly block, combined with offensive and defensive play, against transformation, so that the game Both wits and courageous, dramatic changes in court conditions, participants and viewers can get the psychological satisfaction and pleasure.

● Interesting: Basketball is simple, interesting, can be due to people, because of local time, due to different needs. By changing various activities, basketball is more convenient and attractive to people, so as to achieve the goal of active physical and mental health and physical fitness, thereby enhancing the civilized atmosphere of society and enriching people's leisure and cultural life.

● fitness: people through participation in basketball, both physical fitness, but also can make personality, self-confidence, aesthetic taste, willpower, ambition, self-restraint and other capabilities have a good development, but also conducive to fostering unity and cooperation , Respect for the opponent, the moral quality of fair competition