Basketball development process

- Jan 13, 2018-

In 1892, basketball was first introduced from the United States to Mexico and soon to be carried out throughout Mexico. In this way, Mexico became the first country to carry out basketball besides the United States. Since then, the campaign has been introduced to France, Britain, China, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Lebanon and other countries, has been carried out in the world, popularization and development. 1895, American

Bob Galley introduced basketball to China. In 1896, the Tianjin Christian Education Youth Society held our first basketball game show. Later, Tianjin, Beijing and other urban youth will be carried out. For the first time in 1910, the first national games in China, basketball was listed as a performance project. In 1914, the second National Games basketball was listed as the official men's competition, in 1924 in the third National Games was listed as a woman's formal competition project. Basketball has been an official Asian Games event since 1951.

1932 International Amateur Basketball Association was established, the men's basketball was the International Olympic Committee recognized as the official Olympic Games events. In 1946, the United States appeared professional basketball league, and developed into the current NBA.

Women's basketball started in the early 20th century. In 1976, women's basketball was listed as the official Olympic Games.