Composition of clothing

- Dec 06, 2019-

1.Composition of clothing 

Clothing is composed of fabric, accessories, packaging materials and other raw materials. Among them: clothing fabrics include: cotton, linen, silk, wool, chemical fiber fabric composition. Clothing accessories include lining, lining, packing, thread, woven label, buttons (zippers), tags, etc.Clothing packaging materials include plastic bags, wrapping paper/card/film, adhesive clips, packaging tape, etc.The production process of garment fabric: producing fiber yarn white blank garment fabric fiber

1) fibers are generally referred to as fibers whose length is more than a thousand times larger than diameter and which have only a certain degree of flexibility.Fiber thickness, length is an important factor in determining the feel of fabrics.Thick fibers give the fabric a hard, stiff, thick feel, and compression resistance.The shorter the fiber, the rougher the fabric, the more prone to pilling, but with a rough style.The fine fibers give the cloth a soft, thin feel.The longer the fiber, the smoother the yarn and the less pilling.

2) type of fiber

A: natural fibers (obtained directly from nature) plant fibers, such as cotton and hemp.Animal fiber: the hair of an animal, such as wool.Derived from silk, such as silk, that is produced by animals.

B: synthetic fiber (obtained by chemical treatment and the method of extruding and drawing silk).Such as: acrylic, polyester, nylon, etc.Fabric can only be woven into clothing fabric, and the first step is to spin yarn.