Do you know the difference between screen printing and heat transfer?

- Nov 15, 2019-

Do you know the difference between screen printing and sublimation?

  1. What is screen printing.

Screen printing is a logo technique. In printing, the transfer of ink through the holes in the plate to the substrate (paper ceramics, etc.) under pressure to form an image or text.

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During printing, the squeegee squeezes the ink to transfer to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part, forming the same graphic as the original. Screen printing equipment simple, easy to operate, printing, plate-making simple and low-cost, strong adaptability. Screen printing is widely used in a wide range of common prints: color oil paintings, posters, business CARDS, binding covers, signs and printed textiles.

The effect is shown in figure 


2. What is heat transfer?

Heat transfer printing on fabrics is also known as gas transfer printing. The basic production method of transfer printing is to first make the suitable dye into ink, and then print into paper, and then overlap the paper and the fabric together heating pressure or pressure relief, the dye on the paper into a gas state sublimation transfer to the fabric.


The effect is shown in figure 


Heat transfer logo and screen printing logo comparison and difference as follows?

1. heat transfer 


  • Can be added to stock items.

  • Can be used to reflective logo.

  • Make the logo looks more stereoscopic

  •  Can be applied on both cotton or polyester fabric 

2.Silkscreen printing


  • Firm color, no fading

  • Not too complex patterns

  • The surface is rough for touching