Soccer Jersey Fabric

- Jun 13, 2018-

Soccer Jersey Fabric

Akilex have all fabrics.Fabric weight 150gsm to 180gsm is suitable for make soccer jersey.



Body Climate:1.Quick Dry,  Dry Wearing Feeling:-Moisture Transport From Inside To Out 

                                                                              -Rapid Evaportion

2.Thermo Protect:Preservation Of The Heat Of The Body:-Temperature Balancing

                                                                                            -Heat Insulation

3.Vebtilation Comfortable Body Temperature:-Active Ventilation

                                                                          -Heat Exchange

4.Water Resistant Protection From Moist:-Waterproof Functional

Active Comfort

Skin Protection:1.UV-Protection Effective Solar Protection:-Integrated UV-Filter


2.Stay Fresh Prevention Of Smelly Odor:-Antibacterial Effect



3.Stay Cool ;Sun Reflector Plus UV Protection

-Optimal Protection Against Heating By Solar Radiation

-Textiles Remain Noticeably Cooler

-Protection Against Harmful UV Rays