The origin of basketball

- Jan 13, 2018-

Originated in Massachusetts, USA, was created by James Naismith on December 21, 1891. It is the Olympic Games core competition and is a hand-centered physical confrontational sport.

December 21, 1891 by the United States of America Massachusetts Springfield YMCA Training School (now known as the Springfield College, USA) physical education teacher James Naismith invented. In 1896, basketball was introduced to China, and in 2002 Yao Ming was named NBA champion, opening a new frenzy of Chinese basketball.

In 1904, for the first time in the St. Louis Olympics basketball show. In 1936, basketball was listed as an official event at the Berlin Olympics. In 1992, Barcelona Olympic Games began, professional players can participate in the Olympic basketball game.

The main international basketball organization is the International Basketball Federation (IAAF), founded in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The highest basketball league in the world today is the NBA Basketball League.

The highest level league on behalf of China is the Chinese Professional Basketball League (CBA).