The origin of basketball clothes

- Jan 13, 2018-

Speaking of the origin of basketball clothes, nature must first understand the origin of basketball. Basketball is one of the shooting-centered adversarial sports, January 1892 (another argument is December 1891), for the United States Massachusetts YMCA training school teacher Dr. James Naismith Created. The beginning of the basketball clothing is long-sleeved garments, experienced ultra-short, tight, gradually evolved into the current relatively loose and plump jerseys. Mainly from the single-sided development to the present two-sided wear clothing.

Classic v-collar design, from the NBA's traditional game suits, the entire back body with NIKESPHERE DRY design, so that when the clothing interior to form a good air convection, to give the wearer cool comfortable to wear, side stitching breathable Mesh fabric design contrasting stitching fashion, chic HOOPTECH embroidery placed under the back.