What is drop needle fabric

- Jan 03, 2020-

How does the fabric make?

A knitted Drop Needle fabric is made in such a way that during the knitting of the fabric, one or some needles are set to drop the stitch at regular intervals. Meaning, according to the setting of the machine, those needles will be dis-engaged to stitch and then again engaged right after skipping a stitch.


The history of  Drop-needle fabric

The term refers to using an industrial knitting machine, which has a row of needles knitting simultaneously, rather than a single pair of knitting needles. Knitting machines have been used to produce affordable commercial knits for hundreds of years, with early models producing basic stitches as early as the 1500s. On an industrial knitting machine, yarn is loaded onto a bed of needles, which can be used to create a wide variety of patterns. To accomplish drop-needle stitching, a single needle is disengaged so that it will not knit a stitch. Depending on the model, drop-needle stitching can be programmed into the knitting machine, or accomplished through hand manipulation.

The usage of  Drop-needle fabric

Drop-needle stitching is a commercial knitting technique which is used to create a specific look in a garment. A garment which features drop-needle stitching has a slightly ribbed effect, with thin parallel lines, dots, or other designs formed in a material at set intervals. The technique is similar to a dropped or slipped stitch in hand knitting, and the end results look very similar. Drop-needle stitching is used in garments to create openwork designs, areas in which the tight knit gives way to a lacy pattern, or to make a particular style of knitted ribbing.

The advantage of Drop-needle fabric

Feel good, three-dimensional sense of cloth.

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