Why striped soccer jersey more and more popular?

- Mar 17, 2018-

An 1867 handbook of the game suggested that teams should attempt " if it can be previously so arranged, to have one side with striped jersey of one colour,say red, and the other with orther, say blue.This prevents confusion and wild attempts to wrest the ball from your neighbour.

Most of today's football club use vertical stripes as a traditional soccer jersey.Why it still popular?

Let me show you three pictures:




Do you feel these three pictures have different visual effect? longer? or little wider?

In fact, they are the same size,480*480.

This visual illusion is well reflected in the soccer jersey.

The horizontal stretch of the shirt creates the illusion of "horizontal stretch",which makes the player look burly,which is more common on  football.


The vertical stretch of the shirt creates the illusion of the "vertical stretch "that makes the player look tall and the basketball jersey likes to use this from.


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