Winter playing basketball note

- Jan 13, 2018-

Winter playing basketball note:

1, do a good job in protection measures: fierce basketball competition, and young muscle strength, ligament thin, prone to joint ligament strain and sprain. Therefore, before exercise, in addition to wearing appropriate high waist basketball shoes, but also should wear protective ankle, knee pads and teeth and so on. Some young people in pursuit of individuality, wearing rings, earrings, nose ring and other hard play, these are the existence of security risks. Because in the scramble process, these things can easily scratch others.

2, the venue should be selected: try not to do not meet the requirements of the venue basketball court sports. Uneven ground, debris and more debris (runways, bunkers), easily lead to ankle sprains, periosteum injury, Achilles tendon injury.

3, a reasonable arrangement of physical activity: many children play tireless, a long time a large amount of exercise will not only cause physical decline and decreased immunity, but also hinder learning and rest. In general, each exercise control in about 1 hour is appropriate.

4, equipment to be comfortable: exercise due to more running, technical movements and sweating volume are larger, so participate in the exercise should be dressed in loose fit, breathable absorbent sweat, shoes should be used combined non-slip breathable basketball shoes.