Football Culture

- Jan 13, 2018-

Fan culture

In Western Europe, where modern football originates, is thought to have a wide range of football cultures and every Premier League club has a match day spectator guide on the day of the event. The bars around the stadium bring the TV to the live channel before the game to create an atmosphere. For example, in Barcelona and Valencia, 80% of the bars in the main city will play. The fans who watch the game on the field wear the home team's uniforms and scarves, and the fans who can not go to the scene wear uniforms to the bar to support their favorite team with strangers. At the football pitch, fans will sing different songs at what stage of the game. In addition, South American countries are also considered to carry out a wide range of football exercises.

In the 1950s, France appeared "table football" and soon passed from Europe to the United States. Almost all young people in the United States who love football will play table football. There are even many people who use this as a means of earning money. There are about a few hundred professional football players in the United States and more than 10 open leagues each year. The competition was divided into three groups: children's group, youth group and senior group. The regional champions of the three groups participated in the national competition again, and the prize of the national finals was up to hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars. In 2002, ITSF (International Table Football Federation) was established in France with the shift from sports games to economic functions. ITSF is committed to building this sport into a sport promoted by the International Olympic Committee.