Precautions Before And After Exercise

- Jan 13, 2018-

Life is movement, exercise that is able to keep fit, but also cultivate sentiment. However, what are the precautions before and after exercise? Here are a few tips.

1 should not exercise after a meal, otherwise easily lead to indigestion, and even lead to abdominal pain, usually half an hour after a meal to exercise.

2 warm-up before exercise, activities, joints, stretch muscles, can effectively prevent muscle strain, reduce the occurrence of sports injuries.

3 should relax after exercise, twist head, turn around the waist, shaking limbs, eliminate the fatigue caused by exercise.

4 Please drink water after exercise, sweating due to exercise, water loss, should be timely to add water, but not too much, after all, less gastrointestinal blood after exercise, poor function, the absorption of water is weak.

5 If the conditions permit, a bath after exercise is a more comfortable idea. But not immediately, to prevent the occurrence of a cold.