Socks Buy

- Jan 13, 2018-

1. For socks, there is no real sense of pure cotton socks, cotton socks, the general content of about 60% to 85%, socks need some flexibility,

This must be joined in the weaving process of certain elastic fibers (usually spandex), such as Lycra (in fact, is a kind of DuPont spandex) is the best material skin, the general is not the whole two-legged socks ingredients are Lycra, ( Many socks are marked only for socks.) Socks, socks, and cuffs tend to use rayon for reinforcement and resilience, which adds up to about 15-40%. So what we mean by cotton (cotton) socks is that the yarn other than the elastic fibers and the hanging yarn is cotton.

2. The thickness of socks and blisters are not necessarily linked to wear two socks but more likely to slippery, naturally easier to bubble feet.

3. Cleaning socks is best not to use the washing machine, will make the socks loses its elasticity, do not soak for more than 20 minutes.