Sports Wear

- Jan 13, 2018-

The following is the standard of all kinds of temperature clothing sports experts provide - (temperature in degrees Celsius)

15 degrees or more: wear ordinary T shirt or sports vest (because the somatosensory temperature will reach 25-30 degrees)

10-15 degrees: short-sleeved sportswear (somatosensory temperature of 20-25 degrees)

4 degrees -10 degrees: long-sleeved sportswear, shorts or leggings, gloves (optional), can cover the ears of the turban (optional) (somatosensory temperature 14 degrees -20 degrees)

Minus 1 degree -4 degrees: long-sleeved sportswear, tight pants, gloves, scarves (body temperature 9 degrees -14 degrees)

Minus 6 degrees - minus 1 degree: double-sleeved sweatshirt, jacket, tight pants, gloves, scarves, hats (somatosensory temperature 3 degrees -9 degrees)

Minus 12 degrees - minus 6 degrees: double-sleeved sweatshirt, wind jacket / pants, tights, thick gloves, hats, headscarves (somatosensory temperature minus 1 degree -3 degrees)

Minus 17 degrees - minus 12 degrees: double long-sleeved sweatshirt, wind jacket / pants, tights, thick gloves, hats, headscarf, the other can cover the face with a ski mask (body temperature minus 12 degrees - minus 1 degree)