The Difference Between Training Clothes And Ordinary Clothes:

- Jan 13, 2018-

1, moisture wicking. Due to the special structure of clothing fiber, its wetting speed can reach 5 times that of ordinary cotton fabric, so it can quickly sweat the body.

2, quick-drying. Evaporation of sweat occurs mainly through the body's radiant heat and air convection, but evaporates more quickly due to the much larger surface area of the fabric than in conventional fabrics.

3, light and breathable. Special fiber fabric shape determines the clothes in the same area under the state, will be much lighter than ordinary clothes, breathability is also more superior, wearing a clear sense of comfort.

4, reduce tiredness. Because tightness can reduce muscle jitter, you can reduce energy consumption, due to the existence of pressure, lower extremity blood can accelerate the return of the heart, thereby enhancing the body's energy supply and extend the exercise time and reduce fatigue.